We all would like to offer our customers customised / personalised print on demand products. But it is not that easy with the current POD apps and Printers who have application in Shopify App Store or in ETSY.

Most of the POD printers they do not look so friendly to custom products because pretty much all of us we design our application based on the same design per collection. Custom orders are a pain, means every single order will be a different design, different product. We always prefer to print the same design on the same product. We don’t like to wait to get customised artwork from you, plus to get that artwork is always a pain for us and many excuses. And funny enough most of the POD Apps in Shopify don’t offer customization tool.

Create custom door mats with AOP Plus Shopify App
Create custom door mats with AOP Plus Shopify App

See our Demo Custom Store in action.

The one who offers customisation has the products you don’t like and the application who has amazing products does not offer customisation… But AOP+ Team found a workaround, another way to make that dream come true. Literally, you can offer every single item in our application as a personalised product to your customers.

In this video, I will explain you every single details and step of how to get customised/personalised orders from your customers and pass them to your current POD Supplier with their POD Application.

Want to learn? Let’s start. Important, please download the workflow diagram before watching the video to follow up easily.

Download Diagram: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17NdNUTnfGaNc43m0G_Bz3t3XmhxDrrah/view

What do you need?

Start with AOP+ Sell on SHOPIFY!

Start with AOP+ Sell on ETSY


IMPORTANT: If you are using AOP+ ETSY rename your your folder ETST-LONGNUMBER

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