How it works

Our system is extremely start-up friendly for artists, bloggers, designers, photographers, online communities who would like to create and run their own online store.

  • Open Account

    Apply for a FREE account now. We like to know the people we work with and for. Tell us about yourself, your plans, your ideas, your goals. We will tell you what we can do or what we cannot.

    Once we agree to join our forces and open an account, then you are on the team.

  • Easy Setup

    Uygar will talk to you about online set-up, to connect your website / marketplace to our production system. This way we will start to receive your orders. We are fully integrated with 20 Marketplaces, 25 Shopping Carts and 20 Carries worldwide.

  • Top-up Your Account

    Jennifer (or Uygar) will talk you about money. We don’t like to ask you to make a payment for each order, one by one. We use the old-school top-up / credit system with our costumers. You top up whatever you like and we deduct from there when we ship your order.

  • Submit Your Artwork

    Frank will be after you for your print files and artwork when you have orders waiting. You can always send them beforehand if you don’t want him chasing after you.

  • Printed and Folded

    Mr. Bi is going to print your orders very carefully, making sure that they are done perfectly. Avi will fold and pack your lovely product with a promotion flyer etc if you want to provide us with such.

  • We Will Ship It

    Mr. Sunus will handle the shipping of your product and might drop you an email if any problem arises. Once your product has been shipped, we will automatically update your website/marketplace with tracking info.

  • Real Notifications

    You and your customer will receive an email when we ship your product. We are not running (and planning) an automated, cold printing business here. You will be informed about every stage of the production. There is always someone to help you here and we will print your orders with care. If you are working with us, you are part of the family and you will be well taken care of.

  • All Done

    And we all happy as clams!