2000 users have AOP+ in their stores!

2000 Shopify Users using AOP+ App.

When we have decided to develop our own application, it was a big decision for us.  I took more than one year,  wasn’t easy.  But we made that! AOP+ has been published on App Store at the July. And today we have reached to 2000+ users in AOP+

2000+ Shopify shop owners using our app and services in their stores, that is amazing and makes us so proud. They use AOP+ as their Print on Demand Service provider. We know that we have a long way to go and we are getting there,  slowly but steady. Thank you for being with us and supporting us in this great adventure. We know that we will grow more with your feedback and support.

We have a small offer to say thank you! Between 27 September to 5 October, if you add funds (min $500) to your AOP+ Wallet, you will get up to 10% extra funds from us. 

 -> If you add $ 500 and more you will get 5% on the top = Add $500 get $525 in AOP+ Wallet.

 -> If you add $ 1000 and more you will get 10% on the top = Add $1000 get $1100 in AOP+ Wallet.

This is a small thank you from us and also you will be supporting the improvement of AOP+ with your top-ups. Consider like an investment, you will be supporting a family run growing a small business. As you know we do not have any investors and we are trying to grow with our own resources. And also that 5 % and 10% will bring you more profit in Q4.

Do not forget, that offer applies only to top-ups between 27 September to 5 October. Bonus top-up will be added to your AOP+ in 24 hours max. No need to inform us.

Thank you for supporting us and being part of AOP Family.

Love you all! 

Uygar and AOP Team

(*) To add funds to your AOP+ Wallet, Login to your Shopify Admin > Apps > AOP+ and then Settings > Billing. You can use Debit / Credit Card or Paypal for your payments.

Add $ 500 and more get 5% on the top

Add $ 1000 and more get 10% on the top

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