Update about Sequin Cover

Hi Guys

As a Christmass classic, we have a problem with Sequin Covers. I had been doing this job for a long time and every Christmass we face with problems. Most of them related to the delivery companies, but again we are responsible for their mistakes.

I am sure you have informed and noticed some delays. Because of the number of orders,  we finished stock in UK Suppliers, EU Suppliers and started to import blanks ones from China. Our 2 big orders from China stuck in the Christmas mess somewhere in Hong Kong.

This is the message from TNT;

“The TNT Hongkong warehouse is full of goods due to the Christmas season, and there is no enough plane to ship the goods. we need time to arrange the goods shipping.

We will arrange the plane asap and ship your goods.”

I know the sound is ridiculous, TNT is waiting for Plane????  But at the moment we all waiting for them to deliver our blanks sequins. We are calling TNT to get updates every single day and hoping there will be some movement in the tracking numbers of our deliveries. As long as we receive them we will start printing but realistically not all of them will be delivered before Xmas.

I am so sorry about that, I know most of your customers are waiting for those products but this is the situation. I would suggest you inform them (feel free to blame on me) about the delay. If you need to cancel those orders please email to support@alloverprint.it with store name and orders numbers we will refund them to you.

I am so sorry about that!

If you want to talk to me in private here is my facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uygar.turantekin

Best eCom Groups on Facebook to learn Online Business

I would like to make a list of groups I would recommend you to join. Since I have started my POD eCom Business I made amazing friends, trust me a 99% of people I met online were great. We became like a big family from all over the world. We gathered a couple of times in London, Amsterdam, Cologne, Greece and US.

This is unbelievable to see how much we support and help each other like a big online family.

Maybe you do not know some of them but trust me they are amazing people, join their group and feel like you are at home. Those people share all their eCom knowledge and helping anyone asks for help.

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