Best eCom Groups on Facebook to learn Online Business

I would like to make a list of groups I would recommend you to join. Since I have started my POD eCom Business I made amazing friends, trust me a 99% of people I met online were great. We became like a big family from all over the world. We gathered a couple of times in London, Amsterdam, Cologne, Greece and US.

This is unbelievable to see how much we support and help each other like a big online family.

Maybe you do not know some of them but trust me they are amazing people, join their group and feel like you are at home. Those people share all their eCom knowledge and helping anyone asks for help.

Before starting to read this long list, do not forget to join our group ? POD ACADEMY 

? 1- TAssKickers #AK Nation (32k+ members)

Most brutal eCom group on the planet, this is where my eCom life started. Facebook Ads, Shopify, Designs you can discuss everything there. Yousef looks like a wild guy but he is a sweetheart  :) He is the only guy I know he gives everything he knows for free and this is so respectful.

? 2- Seller Success (Page)

Sir Kevin is the guy who brought me to this world has an amazing product and they help you to start your own Shopify store.

? 3- Shirt Money Makers (11k+ members)

Germans! Felix is a crazy guy teaching people about Amazon Merch! I know the group is German but we still messing around and speaking English there.

? 4- E-commerce & Shopify Pirates (14k+ members)

Karlo is a super talented Bosnian Pirate gives away many tricks to improve your sales. Probably you know him, he is the guy behind the Wheelio. Yes, that boring wheel.

? 5- Etsy P.O.D. Academy (400+ members)

Want to sell on ETSY? Craig is helping to sellers and sharing tricks about ETSY!

? 6- Conversion Masters (8000+ members)

Mr. Google Analytics, my Greek brother Dimitris helping you to understand your numbers. Numbers are everything in eCom, listen to his advises.

? 7- Subliminator Hub (800+ members)

No, we are not competitors  :) Hicham is a super talented designer and he has an amazing app (mine is better of course) help you to sell all over printed hoods and sweats.

? 8- ECOMCRIB – Winning With eCommerce

Lyndon is a crazy Aussie, helping people to manage their Shopify store and sharing many tips.

? 9- Go Krispy Ecom Strategy (39k+ members)

Big Phil is a marketing legend. Ignore his very aristocrat looking avatar, he is one of the most helpful person on the earth.

? 10- Sorting Social Mastermind (300+ members)

Peter is well known with his apps. Teepsy, Sorting Social. His last project Sorting Social will help you a lot!

? 11- Cener eCommerce Mastermind ?  (39k+ members)

Probably most of you know him but  Justin is a super down to earth person as a eCom celebrity and giving to much to the industry. You will learn a lot.

? 12- Michael Essek’s Private Group  (2k+ members)

Michael, Mr. Tomato helping and teaching how to be successful on Amazon Merch! You will love his British humour!

? 13- SMAR7 Apps Shopify Success Group (21k+ members)

Matt and his team have many Shopify apps will help you a lot. Also, they share amazing tips there!

? 14- GearBubble

Donald is a legend on Facebook Ads. Many many people learned a lot from him, he is a veteran  :)

? 15-

Ronni is another legends shares his amazing experiences and advises in his group and blog.


Wow, long long list. I hope I didn’t miss anyone. But those are the people I trust and you should join their group too.

Welcome to our international online eCom family!

Uygar from AOP